Domestic Primacy I: Ukraine's Boost to Putin
blame the EU and US for the crisis in Ukraine and are supportive of the costs associated with Russia’s reactive sanctions against the EU. Domestic Primacy I: Ukraine's Boost to Putin to the Tsarist Russian Empire when the majority of modern Ukraine was under Moscow control. Not only
Will the West Take Action or Simply Shrug?
-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine. However, “outrage is not a policy,” according to Pifer. The stepped-up effort to convince Moscow to take steps to end the violence in Ukraine. For example look suspiciously similar to Russian special operations troops” into Ukraine under the “pretext of a Ukraine , former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine and current Brookings Institution expert Steven Pifer noted that “the direct intervention in Ukraine. But could NATO intervene preemptively? U.S. think tanks are hesitant U.S. experts: When it comes to Russia, 'outrage is not a policy over Ukraine'
In a post-MH17 world, US experts are on crisis watch
Ukraine and as President Vladimir Putin appeared to shift his geopolitical focus from Europe to separatists in Eastern Ukraine to resolve the crash under the auspices of the OSCE, and many more Ukraine (or vice versa), U.S. experts are sympathetic to the plight of Ukraine, and are thus taking a tumbled from the sky to “fuel the fire” in Ukraine and bring the looming specter of Russian-Western beleaguered Ukraine while simultaneously taking a sober look at the region – especially in the wake of
Undermining Ukraine, Undermined by Markets
elections recreated a portrait of two diametrically opposed nations, jockeying for Ukraine. And as the tanks have refocused their attention on Ukraine and how best to deal with Russia going forward. Last could successfully wage peace in Ukraine – but not for reasons directly correlating to Putin’s Ukraine West and Russia, US think tanks are redirecting their focus to Ukraine and Asia, where Russia's Minsk Protocol edges toward irrelevance, Western media outlets – again – eye Ukraine with renewed vigor, debate the contested elections, and analyze Moscow’s oil future. RE: All Eyes On Ukraine In Undermining Ukraine, Undermined by Markets
Freezing Ukraine: Пан или Пропал
Ukraine's conflict is falling out of the international spotlight, and is headed for a protracted ") Ukraine's conflict is falling out of the international spotlight, and is headed for a protracted economic hardship on a region. In the context of Eastern Ukraine, favorable conditions for the rebels indicate that the region may become autonomous, loyal to Russia, and a thorn in Ukraine’s side Freezing Ukraine: Пан или Пропал strategy appears to be succeeding.   The war in Eastern Ukraine is showing every indicator of becoming the Title Translation: "Freezing Ukraine: All or Nothing" (Literal: "To Become a Master or a Deadman
East Asian Divergence on Ukraine
, the South Korea and Japan’s reaction to events in Ukraine provide a non-Euro centric perspective , Japan has fallen in line with US and EU sanctions against Russia in response to the Ukraine crisis Ukraine Ukraine Crisis. While Japan has chosen solidarity and enforced similar sanctions against Russia in by the Ukraine Crisis. The diplomatic isolation of Japan within East Asia makes it crucial for Japan toward that region. However, the situation in Ukraine and a new Cold War threatens such efforts. South Ukraine Crisis. While Japan has followed the US-EU sanctions regime, South Korea has maintained economic and political ties with Russia. East Asian Divergence on Ukraine
Donbas Battalion Detail: Moves and Countermoves
seperatists in eastern Ukraine. The fighting group, though now officially incorporated into the Ukrainian reactions Background As the war in Ukraine unfolded, the new government in Kiev enlisted the help of warfare. These irregular units have since been central to the war in Ukraine, participating in every Ukraine activists. According to 2014 legislation, every oblast in Ukraine can create its own defense battalions Ukraine, but takes volunteers from all over the country and the former Soviet Union.   Semen volunteer battalions engaged in combat in the East of Ukraine. They are sometimes referred to as “little
Azov Battalion: Moves and Countermoves
reactions Background As anti-Kiev demonstrations in the eastern Ukraine evolved into an armed conflict volunteer Mikael Skillt. In this interview he explains his motivations for coming to Ukraine which include Ukraine -right organizations: the paramilitary Patriot of Ukraine and the Social-National Assembly. In this Ultra-nationalists have participated heavily in the conflict in eastern Ukraine and were mercenary for the Assad government in Syria before coming to Ukraine to “fight for his beliefs.” For Ukraine, the Russian Federation, and even further afield. Particularly media-popular are far-right
Check Mate: Gaming Minsk
Ukraine, and infuriated West, but Minsk's role is a factor of it's subordinate position vis-a-vis Ukraine failed negotiations on Ukraine. Minsk is quickly becoming the center of peace negotiations in the
Crimean Limelight
-Ukraine-EU deal to resume natural gas shipments have shifted the focus of U.S. think tanks to NATO Think Tank Review: Recent events such as the reduction of hostilities in Ukraine and the Russia looming threat of winter, a deal to resume natural gas shipments to Ukraine has reportedly been With an holding, though unsteady, ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine, Western policy analysts and Ukraine reduction of Russian troops in Ukraine could be the beginning of the end of the recent crisis. At a Ukraine, and residual tensions foment a possible “radicalization of political disputes and
Dealing with Putin's Russia after the NATO summit
Ukraine the fragility of Western-Russian relations. From the West’s perspective, Ukraine is Russia’s Russia and Ukraine.” Therefore one must look no further than the Western discussion surrounding NATO to unchecked eastward expansion of NATO as reason enough to act in Ukraine. Russia does not want to see Ukraine ,” and why Russia can’t afford to retreat. But it does not explain what to do in Ukraine. Some experts Ukraine is the cushion. Even a prominent Ukrainian scholar and former presidential hopeful said that
Russian-Israelis Perspective I: Ukraine and Maidan
Washington D.C. and neglecting our reality. Same is true for Ukraine: we saw Senator McCain shake former countries of residence, contributing to a strong opinion about the latest events in Ukraine was living in western Ukraine before the war. It was a large Jewish-Orthodox family, many children Ukraine slice of their perceptions of the Ukraine crisis showcase a tortured history with Russia and the former-USSR. . Born during the late 1920s in Bessarabia, she spent almost her entire life in western Ukraine and Russian-Israelis Perspective I: Ukraine and Maidan about Ukraine: “Wherever America goes around, it messes up. Just look how Mr. Kerry is pressing us to
In Focus: Weapons Withdrawal in Ukraine
. Ukraine is concerned that during the ceasefire the pro-Russian forces will push towards Mariupol, a In Focus: Weapons Withdrawal in Ukraine the front lines; violations on this issue are the main indicator of a Minsk II failure and will precipitate a resumption of conflict in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine
German Parties' Cohesion Divided Over Ukraine
While Merkel and the Christian Democrats have taken a harsh line against Russia's policy in Ukraine domestic politics and it effect on foreign policy consideration. Ukraine has revealed a deep rift within German Parties' Cohesion Divided Over Ukraine Ukraine changed after its victory and indicates a shift toward the center. However, in wake of Ukraine, Green . However, the CSU does not univocally supporting Ukraine. Main party officials, among them Peter Background Berlin has taken a key position in the Ukraine crisis and become the EU’s leading state Ukraine.   Green Party The Green Party is regarded as classical left wing party focusing on
Between Ukraine, Georgia: Moves and Countermoves
Ukraine’s and Georgia’s territorial integrity and foreign policy development.   Georgian Volunteers Ukraine Between Ukraine, Georgia: Moves and Countermoves oriented states in Eastern Europe, including Poland, the Baltics States, and Ukraine. Ukrainian in Ukraine At least 100 Georgian military veterans are currently fighting with Ukrainian troops in is no official Georgian military presence in Ukraine, “Georgian society’s sympathy for the the US in shoring up its interests in both Ukraine and the Middle East. The government’s generally
Ukraine Turns Right: Moves and Countermoves
reality of post-Maidan Ukraine. Militarily, symbolically, and legally, the country has made history WWII-era insurgent and fascist groups in a struggle over history's place in modern Ukraine. Ukraine reactions Background Entering the spring of 2015, Ukraine has made a number of definitive steps in its present a major challenge to any effort to reintegrate eastern Ukraine in the future.   Right in recent weeks. The effect of these shifts will impact Ukraine’s social relations going forward and military veterans. This move could also be an attempt to unify Ukraine’s disparate armed groups Ukraine Turns Right: Moves and Countermoves
Forecast: U.S. Elections To Influence Ukraine Conflict
strategy. While Ukraine has not featured heavily in campaign issues thus far, a flare-up in violence may harsh lines against Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine Crisis and the Obama administration’s shift the balance of power, and will the situation in Ukraine escalate?   Forecast The U.S Ukraine Forecast: U.S. Elections To Influence Ukraine Conflict domestic U.S. discussion on Ukraine and to mobilize the Ukrainian diaspora. Overall, the Kremlin is shift the balance of power, and will the situation in Ukraine escalate? . elections are moderately likely to contribute to short-term spikes in conflict in Ukraine though they may
Religious Overtones and the Ukraine Conflict
today’s Ukraine that Kievan Rus, claimed by many as Russia’s historical forebear, developed and -controlled territories in Eastern Ukraine since the fighting began in April of last year. Journalists The multitude of religious sects occupying Ukraine are central to today's dividing lines: the , Ukraine is justifiably regarded as the homeland of Russian Orthodoxy. But thanks to Ukraine’s complex Religious Overtones and the Ukraine Conflict Ukraine constitutes a powerful propaganda weapon in the fight to keep Ukraine within its geopolitical orbit Background Many Russian Orthodox Christians consider parts of present-day Ukraine to be a sort of
Moscow's Courting of ASEAN Following Ukraine
.   ASEAN-Russian Cooperation Prior to the Ukraine Crisis Russian interest in ASEAN developed out of the Ukraine differently to the Ukraine Crisis, which revealed the wide rift among the Southeast Asian states . Although Eastern Europe is a far cry away from Southeast Asia, the standoff in Ukraine impacts the Southeast Asia is a long ways from the turmoil in eastern Ukraine, and that may benefit Moscow as Southeast Asian relations with Russia since Crimea’s annexation and conflict in eastern Ukraine after Ukraine.   Cooperation After the Ukraine Crisis The member countries of the ASEAN reacted quite Moscow's Courting of ASEAN Following Ukraine
Special: Moldovan Elections Clouded
to covert methods for fear of Western retribution, though the lesson Russia learned in Ukraine’s Ukraine the elections. In the latest of many parallels between Moldova and the crisis in Ukraine, Usatii repeating the crisis in Ukraine. Russia, if it decides to intervene, will almost certainly limit itself
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