Our Mission

We aim for clarity of expression and a command of the complexities of political and economic change in Eurasia to bring you original policy insights and forecasts.

We merge what you already see in today’s news with what awaits for tomorrow’s.  Our goal is to connect the dots and open space to think critically about available data so that what you read is more than information, it is intelligence.  Using the lexicon of intelligence analysis we harvest insights on Russia and Eurasia. We provide policy professionals with an understanding of current events utilizing a worthwhile analytic approach to rapid changes in political, economic, and social spheres. 

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what no one has thought.
— Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

The Key to Leksika

Founded by analysts with academic and professional experience in Russia and Eurasia, we take our cue from the field of intelligence analysis and utilize the same rigorous writing style and objectivity-driven lexicon.  You will not find dogmatic analysis and politicized editorials.  We intentionally avoid sensationalist news and seek to contribute to a body of measured and insightful analysis of rapidly developing situations in this important and dynamic region. Our analysis and forecasting is not one dimensional, it is informed by historical, economic, social, individual actor, and other interrelated factors.  We recognize and actively work to minimize the inherent biases and approach our analytic targets without judgement.  Our reports strive to minimize uncertainty when forecasting and analyzing the news for ourselves and our audience.  

Where We Are and Where We Will Go

We are a small outfit with great expectations. Our flagship work is HarvestRussia, a platform showcasing tactical and strategic reports from our analysts. 

The tactical reports range in depth and breadth, though are typically under 1,200 words, and will contribute to periodically revised and more lengthy Strategic reports. 

The weekly ReapReport notifies subscribers of fast-breaking developments in Eurasia's political, economic, military, and social spheres.  Our ReapReport includes a brief analysis of developments as well as the executive summaries of the content published on Leksika in the course of that week.

Our purpose is to create an openly available source of background material and up to date analysis on pressing issues.  We invite you to contribute to HarvestRussia in either a Tactical or Strategic capacity. Please click JOIN US found at the bottom of each page.